Scholarships vs. Fellowships: What’s the Difference?

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Scholarships and fellowships are frequently used to bring hope to bright individuals who are unable to pursue further education owing to financial restrictions. Various governments, commercial organizations, and institutions throughout the world often give such financial aid.

However, many candidates are unfamiliar with the two basic forms of grants: scholarships and fellowships. Both of these are commonly seen as the same thing because they both represent financial help to researchers, students, and anybody else wishing to pursue a career in academia.

The parts that follow will explain the distinction between a scholarship and a fellowship, allowing candidates to make an educated decision about the financial program they require.

Concerning Scholarships

A scholarship is a form of financial assistance given to deserving students in acknowledgment of their skill and academic achievements. Scholarships enable people to pursue higher education without having to worry about the related costs.

Candidates enrolling in these financial programs are typically needed to meet certain eligibility requirements set by the suppliers. The majority of scholarships are merit-based, while some are also need-based.

A scholarship, unlike an education loan, does not need a repayment. Students can use it to pay for tuition, living expenses, college supplies, and other expenses.

Concerning Fellowships

Candidates who aspire to pursue significant learning in a specific field through research are eligible for a fellowship. Specific employment requirements are associated with some fellowships. Other programs, on the other hand, are similar to internships for graduate students.

Fellowship programs assist students in gaining additional experience and, as a result, strengthening their qualifications. Because most fellowships are merit-based, candidates should have a strong academic record as well as professional experience.

A qualified candidate will not always be awarded money through fellowships. Fellowships are often awarded in the form of a unique position at an institution that provides particular benefits.

Scholarship vs. Fellowship

Scholarships and fellowships are not the same things, despite their appearance. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree are eligible for a scholarship. A fellowship, on the other hand, is for people who want to do research.

In Scholarship

  • It frequently covers the cost of tuition. Some additionally cover lodging, transport, and other related expenditures.
  • You can apply even before you start college.
  • It is given to deserving candidates. Professional experience, on the other hand, is immaterial in this case.
  • These funds assist students in furthering their studies.
  • Aside from academic success, it is dependent on a variety of factors such as athletics, a family’s financial situation, creative abilities, and so on.
  • Students are eligible to reapply for scholarships.
  • This award is provided by governments, schools, colleges, universities, and enterprises.

In Fellowship

  • It is either a volunteer opportunity or a form of an internship.
  • It is not open to applicants who are still in the early stages of their academic careers.
  • Fellowships are available to students who have excelled academically and have relevant professional experience.
  • Fellowship programs assist researchers in researching a certain subject.
  • It is mostly based on academic requirements.
  • Fellowships are often not renewed.
  • Fellowship programs are offered by commercial businesses, government agencies, and institutions.

How to Apply for a Financial Aid for Academic Purposes?

Knowing the difference between a scholarship and a fellowship isn’t enough. One must be aware of the numerous actions that must be taken to acquire the desired funding.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for a fellowship or scholarship:

Keep Deadlines in Mind

These cash grants typically have stringent deadlines. Because acquiring a fellowship or scholarship entails several hard stages, it is necessary to apply for it at least a year in advance. Candidates should double-check the application deadline and apply on time.

Discover Your Eligibility

Every funding program has a set of qualifying requirements that candidates must complete. Before applying, applicants should ensure that they easily satisfy all of the requirements.

Apply with caution

The application process for these grants is detailed on the relevant websites. Students should carefully follow each step to ensure that their applications are submitted successfully. They should remember to attach the requested documentation.

Guidelines must be followed

To enhance their chances of receiving a scholarship or fellowship, candidates must follow every procedure outlined by the grantor at each stage of the application process.

Be Prepared to Attend an Interview

The majority of these cash incentives necessitate that qualified candidates attend an interview. These interviews are critical in determining whether or not one will be awarded financing. Candidates should be well-prepared to confidently confront the panel.


1. How can I select the most suitable financial program?

Make a point of looking for scholarships and fellowships that have qualifying requirements that you meet. Furthermore, verify whether the cash award has amenities that meet your needs.

2. What should I do if my scholarship application is turned down?

If your scholarship application is rejected, you can reapply. Look for scholarships with fewer rigorous qualifying conditions. With each scholarship application, you earn valuable experience that will help you boost your chances of winning one.

3. What are some of the most important requirements for receiving a scholarship?

Candidates with a high GPA, exceptional academic achievement throughout high school, and financial needs are often qualified to obtain scholarships for their future education.

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