What Is IELTS and PTE Reality Test?

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This test is designed to alleviate the student's dread, anxiousness, and anxiety. A reality test is a method of evaluating your skills in all four modules before taking the actual IELTS or PTE exam. We are administering IELTS and PTE REALITY TEST over the entire region.

The IELTS and PTE REALITY TEST are two ways to assess your knowledge of all four modules. This test is subjected to the same standards as the real exam and is administered under the same exam settings. This is why we recommend that every applicant take the practice test before taking the real exam.

Reading for the IELTS Reality Test

You will have one hour to finish all three sections of the IELTS Reality Reading Test. This section has 40 questions. Each question has a single number.

Different Types of Questions

Writing for the IELTS Reality Test

You will be given one hour to complete two assignments in both the IELTS writing and general writing tests. You will write in your writing, answer booklet during this examination.


General Training Task 1 (Writing):

The General Training Task 1 test always follows the same pattern. You will be given the situation and asked to write three bullet points regarding it.

Try to identify the sort of letter you've been requested to write.

You will have have one hour to finish all three sections of the IELTS Reality Reading Test. This section has 40 questions. Each question has a single number.

Things to keep in mind

Writing task 2 (Question of Ease):

Things to keep in mind

Speaking for the IELTS Reality Test

You will converse with a qualified examiner during the Speaking Test. It will be interactive and as near to a real-life setting as a test can get. The Speaking Test lasts 11-14 minutes and is divided into three parts.

PART 1: In this section, you will be asked questions about yourself and your family.

PART 2: You will discuss a subject.

PART 3: You will have a lengthy conversation concerning the topic introduced in Part 2.

PTE Speaking and writing reality test

This section will put your speaking and writing abilities to the test. This portion has a time limit of 77-93 minutes.

Your capacity to produce will be used to evaluate your speaking talents.

You will be required to compose replies in English, using proper grammar and spelling, for the writing component.

PTE Reading reality test

You will be assessed on your reading abilities in this section. Depending on the arrangement of items in a given exam, this single-timed phase comprises 15-20 independent and integrated skills items.

Various answer forms, including multiple-choice, re-order paragraphs, and fill in the gaps, are used to assess your ability to read, write, and listen to the material presented in English.

Because the PTE is an integrated skill exam, one item type in this section tests writing skills as well.

PTE Listening reality test

This section contains questions based on audio or video snippets that begin to play automatically. Each audio or video clip is only heard once, so pay close attention. You are permitted to take notes.

You have the option to modify the loudness for each question. Move the control bar to the right to increase the volume or to the left to reduce the volume while the audio clip is playing.

So, these are all about the IELTS and PTE reality tests, we hope you found them helpful and are ready to moonlight your way to score good marks.

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